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This week:

Newies, the Desert Island Groove, Myspace friends, The Featured Artist and Amazing oldies.

Doc remembers the summer of ’81 or was it ’79 !? He (the Doc) remembers his old friend who sold him his first Lee Ritenour album (plastic) – Captain Fingers. He introduces a new collaboration CD by Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau called Metheny Mehldau and Bob James’s 2006 CD Urban Flamingo.

Prof remembers the famous Clint Eastwood movie Play Misty for me and also considers the wonderful talents of Roberta Flack. He (the Prof) also tells us he likes his eggs sunny side up!

Many Thanks to our Myspace friends:

Firstly, Greger Hillman – Greger is a Swedish Smooth Jazz Saxophonist and his new CD is entitled ‘I am ready’.
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Thanks too to : Travis Vega who is also a huge Chelsea Football (soccer) Club fan.
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Thanks for taking part in the Podcast revolution and for all your support.

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