Learn to Disco in Moscow!

We are currently doing our final preparations for SG2-2.

We now have MobaTalk Comment system installed on our site – so you can now leave us a voicemessage that we can download as an mp3 file and include in future shows. Why not leave us a dedication or record a Desert Island Groove (DIG) request.

We have just implemented a subcription option under our new Contact us / Subscribe page. It is a great way to stay in touch with the latest news about our shows and related Smooth finds..

Talking about finds, whilst drifting across the Internet Highway, I found the following.
Therefore, the Doc dedicates the following Video to the Prof:

PS Be sure to check out SG2-2 over the coming weekend.

2 thoughts on “Learn to Disco in Moscow!

  1. Yes,

    I must admit,
    These dancers taught me everything I know!

    I’d love to time travel back to the 70s and revisit
    all those disco’s. Even the school disco’s.
    Relearn those great moves and bring them back to 2006!

    Actually, at that time in England, BBC2 television had a similar show with an episode dedicated to disco.

    Dr Groove didn’t need to learn from anybody. He had his own unique dancing style – and those leather trousers!

  2. Dude, Apparently the Video may be from Finland rather than Russia?
    Anyone know?

    Re: My leathers, say no more but I might threaten to wear them this weekend. They are in good condition!

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