Episode SG2-2 is here!

Smooth Groovers lastest episode is here!

For the latest episode…S2-2 please press the play button below or head for itunes.


This week:

Newies, the Desert Island Groove, Myspace friends, The Field of life spot (aka outside broadcast), The Featured Artist and Amazing oldies.

Doc’s been busy on developing the website to make us even more interactive!
Prof’s also been recovering from a sore throat and did amazingly well throughout the show, or should we say A’MAZE’ING – listen for the new field of life spot, aka – Outside broadcast where we bump into Commander Cruise! Check out the view from our resturant table:

View from Watermans Art Centre London

Newies included Boney James

and Chris Standring (please support him at http://www.myspace.com/chrisstandring)

Our Thanks to our Myspace friends: Travis Vega and SmoothJay for developing some excellent ‘shoutout’s’.

Let us also not forget to Thank the following Myspace folks for permission to play their excellent sounds:
Chuck Yamek and JFess.

Thank you to Sister Soothe who recommended her Desert Island Groove (DIG), i.e: the awesome Maria Maria by Santana!

This week’s featured artist is Anita Baker.

Check out the oldies from EW&F, Cool Notes and Vibraphonic.

Remember our catch phrase! ‘Thanks for taking part in the Podcast revolution’.

The Smooth Groovers

One thought on “Episode SG2-2 is here!

  1. Your podcast is the greatest! I love smooth jazz and this is the perfect podcast for me! yeahh!!! more power!

    by the way, where can i see the track listing of each episode? I really liked the music in the 2nd episode of your 2nd season.



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