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This weeks Newies

Simply Red – check them out at: http://www.simplyred.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/simplyred Their brand new CD album ‘Stay’ was released on 12th March.

Joyce Cooling – an awesome San Francisco-area based smooth jazz guitarist. Growing up in New Jersey, she absorbed a wide variety of music, and developed a personal style of fingerpicking that has given her playing a unique sound and feel. She recently attended the Jarasum jazz festival in Jarasum, South Korea. From her latest CD, ‘Revolving Door’.

Rick Braun – One the Doc’s favourite artists – be sure to head for http://rickbraun.com

In our Myspace Review section we are honored to include:

James Reeno – Summer Madness, please visit him at: http://www.myspace.com/reenofunk
James Reeno is a “Native New Yorker” . Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, he was hugely influenced by all the great disco, funk, soul, & early 80’s club music & electro (a bit like the Doc and I) that was coming out of New York at the time which made a big impression on him.

Neil C. Young – Time Will Sing, please visit him at: http://www.introducingtheincredible.com/neilcyoung1.html

Mystic Village – Calmly it gives, please visit them at http://www.myspace.com/mysticvillage
These folks are an instrumental/production duo based in Canada.

Our featured artist this week is : Paul “Tubbs” Williams – a founder member of Light Of The World and Incognito. Unfortunately, he left this world on January 10th 2007. He has left behind an amazing legacy of some wonderful sounds. Please visit:


There will be a benefit show for the family of Incognito founder member Paul “Tubbs” Williams on Monday the 9th of April at Dingwalls in Camden, London.

Our Desert Island Groove this week is from the brilliant Rodney Lee. We were truly honored to meet him at a recent Chris Standring gig. Be sure to check out his latest CD- Satellite Orchestra – everytrack is a winner.

This weeks Oldies include:

Earth Wind & Fire, see: http://www.earthwindandfire.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/earthwindandfire

Gerald Albright, see: http://www.geraldalbright.com/

War from the 1978 film about an L.A. street kid, Gangs & Drugs.

We close the show with Deep Forest, see: http://www.deepforestmusic.com/

The group consisting of 2 French musicians, Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez. It is world music, mixing ethnic with electronic sounds. They were nominated for a Grammy Award in 1993 for Best World Music Album, and in 1996 they won the Award for the album Boheme. Some of the proceeds from their album sales (over 10 million copies) have been donated to charity. Forest Hymn has a real inspirational feel.

We hoped you enjoyed the show. Special thanks to Hilde, Carlos, from Norway and Canada, respectively – for taking time out to send us their support.

Until next time, Thanks for Taking part in the Podcast revolution – Podcast revolution it is!

The Doc, Prof and The Master…

3 thoughts on “

  1. Well E10 is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING your words & mine. Good to see you liked the track by Neil C Young whom I suggested he get in touch with you. Got a great E.W.&F. track for you, ‘Magic Mind’ on ‘All & All’ guaranteed to krank up any party a few notches. Love the last track by Deep Forest. Keep on risin’ to the top!!!

  2. Well, thank you so much for another great show, I loved it and can’t praise you enough! Many of my personal favorites this week, Simply Red – better than ever I think! Rick Braun, Incognito, E,W & F, Herbie Hancock, Gerald Albright, some of them favorites for more than 20 years. Also nice to hear our support is appreciated of course:)
    Now I have to go and check out Joyce Cooling – WOW, what a lady!

    Until next time –
    Enthusiastic regards

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