SG Episode S2-12 is here !

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Smooth Groovers Review.

Prof’s worked really hard this week on the Podcast assembly, whilst the Doc has had to get into the depths of the server to get us back – consequently our show is a little late this week.

You can listen from i-tunes, Podfeed or by clicking on the play button below:


This week’s newies include:

Brian Culbertson – please visit him at: and  – A bit of a semi-newie. A lovely track setting the mood for any evening. This is the man who at 20  wrote and recorded his very first album in the bedroom of his Chicago apartment. If you are a fan you can get wallpaper for your pc & mousemats from his website.

Jeff Lorber – please visit him at: and http:// – from his latest album released April 3rd 2007. Jeff has produced 21 albums either as the Jeff Lorber Fusion or Jeff lorber spanning over 3 decades of great music.

Akon -I Can’t wait – please visit him at:

This week’s Myspace Artist review includes:

OJ Manley – ‘All That I Want’. Please visit him at: or  

Michael Fair – ‘How Close Are We’ Please visit him at: From NASHVILLE, Tennessee, USA, a flugelhorn and trumpet artist, who was given his first horn at the age of 12 . This is the title track from his 2003 CD You can buy his music using the links on his website, also you can listen to snippets of his current album ‘Back For More’.

This week’s featured artist is the amazing Marc Antoine
Please visit him at :

We are grateful to Jon V for his Desert Island Groove:
From the CD : Tony Bennett : Duets: An American Classic – The CD contains lots of great Duets with the likes of Bono, George Michael, Elvis Costello, Michael Buble. 

Words & Music by Orlando Murden & Ronald Miller this track was recorded by Tony Bennett and he reached #91 in 1967. The following year it was also recorded by Stevie Wonder and he reached #2 in 1968. The amazing part of this story is that both artists got together in 2007, yes, that is 40 years later to record it together… ahhh! This song also won Tony a Grammy award for Traditional Pop Vocal Album and this collaboration with Stevie Wonder, ‘For Once In My Life’, won Grammys for Pop Collaboration With Vocals and Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists.

Finally, our oldies section includes:

Boz Scaggs – Please visit him at:

Stevie Wonder – A wonderful Jazz track from back in ’95 from Conversation Peace.

Change –  A single from 1985 which also appeared on the Change album ‘Turn On Your Radio’ This is possibly the last of the Change albums. The first of their albums was called ‘The Glow of Love’ which had two tracks sung by the now late great Luther Vandross. This track brings back memories for Prof of a weekday morning show on what was then BBC radio London – hosted by Tony Blackburn. – A very soulful show with lots of cheeky humour.

B.Baker Chocolate Co.- As far as we can discover, this was the only B.Baker chocolate co. album, a vinyl LP from 1979 This was one of many of the Sonny Lester productions or Lester Radio Corporation albums of the late 70s. These included works by Jimmy McGriff, Joe Thomas, Jimmy Ponder and Lonnie Smith.

Fuse1- from back in 1980 featuring: Joe Farrell, Ronnie Foster, Jeremy Wall, John McLaughlin, Stanley Clarke, Leon Ndugu Chancler, Paulinho DaCosta and Suzanne Cianni .This track also appears on a compilation CD called ‘Funky Jazz’ Released in Italy in 2004.

That is all for this week – Thanks for all your patience and taking part in the Podcast Revolution.

PS Thank you to Rachel Stewart from Australia for her amazing ‘Shout out’ – please listen out for it during the show and visit her at:

One thought on “SG Episode S2-12 is here !

  1. I love this episode! Jeff Lorber? The kind of jazz played is episode hits the spot. Really nice and funky! Almost all, if not all of the artist featured in this podcast is already in my Smooth Jazz collection playlist. I really like it! I’m looking forward for the next episode.

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