SG Episode S2-13 is here !

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Smooth Groovers Review.
You can listen from i-tunes, Podfeed or by clicking on the play button below:


In this week’s Newies we feature:

Mark Ronson  from his CD entitled Version – It is one of those albums, where every track is amazing. This track was originally sung by The Smiths. The album has lots of featured /collaborations artists, for example with Amy Winehouse and recent artist Lily Allen. This track is the current single release from the CD. Next week we will hope to feature another track from this amazing CD

Ken Navarro from his latest CD –  The Meeting place. Please visit him at:  or,  At his site you can also play videos featuring Ken talking about the making of his new album. Jazz guitarist & composer Ken Navarro has had 17 top charting albums .

Russell Watson –  Known for being a Classical/Pop artist and the guy who sang the first vocal theme to a Star Trek series – Yes, you’ve guessed it: Enterprise – I’ve got faith of the heart. This CD is another crooner special OK, it is crooner orientated but this track features an awesome brass section!

In this week’s Featured Myspace section:
We feature:

Ameriquin Jazz – Get It Done – Please visit them at:  The Band Members are:
Bryan Levy – Saxophone
Olivia Pucci – Vocals
Aragorn – Guitar

Ken Massey – Avanti Blue – Please visit at:  or, This track is from Ken’s latest CD, Autumn In Baltimore. His website links to samples of this album.

Our featured Artist is : Freeez – A British Jazz-funk group led by John Rocca , with Peter Maas (bass), Andy Stennet (keyboards) and Paul Morgan (drums). This was a great suggestion from our MySpace Fiend ‘Richie’.

Check them out here on Top of the Pops from back in the day!

No Desert Island Groove this week but lots in the Oldies section, i.e:

Morrissey Mullen Band
Jimmy Mgriff – please visit him at: ,
Tony Remy – please visit him at: ,
The Moments – please visit them at: or, . The latter being a great suggestion from Garry – Many Thanks Garry your continued support and this excellent suggestion.

Check out the following, featuring Alicia Keys and Ray, Goodman and Brown.

In addition, Alicia Keys – please visit her at:  You can really can feel the vibe with  this track – the track features a collaboration with one our favourites – Issac Hayes.

NB Please read about the charity record made with Bono for ‘ KEEP A CHILD ALIVE’ described on their website  as an urgent response to the AIDS pandemic

and we end the show with Kevin Yost – please visit him at:  or,  

Many Thanks to everyone for all their support, love and wonderful emails.
Please keep in touch.
Love, Dr, Prof and Master Move…!

PS Please pop by and visit our newly designed myspace account at: and join in the love by becoming a friend.


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