Smooth Groovers Podcast : Season 2 : Episode 17

Welcome to a slightly late (by 1 day!) episode of the Smooth Groovers Review.

We are grateful for all the positive comments and encouragement we get from our listeners and feel honoured (UK Spelling!) that you spend time with us simply enjoying the music.

You can listen to the Podcast from i-tunes, Podfeed or by clicking on the play button below:


In this weeks show…The newies include:

Rihanna with JayZ. –  Originally mentioned by Sukh a few episodes back just before he selected his Desert Island Groove,  A nice use of beats combined with an undercurrent of a good rocking sound.

NB June in the UK has been very wet. We hope and pray that those that have been stranded due the floods will soon be able to return to their homes. We wish them strength at this time. Our hearts go out to you…

Also in the newies section, Kelly Sweet –  A beautiful song. Currently Kelly is on tour with Dave Koz and friends. The tour also features Dave Benoit and Phil Perry. Check out

We close this section with a semi-newie –  Jamouriqui’s special version of his Sunny June hit from the excellent double CD – High Times – Singles 1992 to 2006.

In the Myspace artist review section we feature:

Jay Soto – Slammin and
Jay Studied drums at age 5, classical piano at 7 and started on guitar, at age 12. The track we featured can be found on his current CD called Stay A While, released at the end of May. He sounds and is a musical genius.

Patrick Charles – Code Noir and Patrick is drummer and is described as an artist of far-reaching vision and versatility. We certainly agree and this track is from Patrick’s debut CD Cite Solei.

Soulster- Syncopated Music and Soulster is a collaboration between Clive Stewart and Ray Sewell, both students of the art of music production. The concept is to make music with a soulful feel. A mixture of R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Urban and of course Soul. In this track, Soulster points out that Art Blakey did the talking and not the drumming.

Soulster offers free downloads and stipulate that if we enjoy their music and continue to play it, then we should make a donation to either the Huntington’s Disease Association at  or the Sickle Cell Society at  as these are two good cause’s that Soulster feel very strongly about.

Our featured artist this week are: FATBACK – Founded by drummer, Bill Curtis, the band became known in the early 70s as , The Fatback Band then later as just ‘Fatback’ in 1977. Interestingly, Professor has counted that the band appear to have released at least 25 albums see –

This week’s Desert Island Groove is from Nish – Thanks Nish for your excellent choice of Maxwell –  Maxwell was  born in 1973 and this track is from the album Urban Hang Suite, the first album by Maxwell, released in 1996 a couple of years after it was made. It was a gold seller and won a Grammy award. Enjoy the YouTube link below…

Maxwell followed this album with Embrya in 1998 and an album called ‘Now ‘ in 2001, and new material is eagerly anticipated for 2007.(checkout )

We close the show with our Oldies:

Everette Harp
Eric Marienthal and
Mass Production

Until next time, thanks for your patience and love.
The Smooth Groovers (Dr, Professor and Master…)

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