Smooth Groovers Podcast – Season 2 – Episode 21 – Professor’s special edition

Welcome to another episode of the Smooth Groovers Review.

We are grateful for all the positive comments and encouragement we get from our listeners and feel honoured (UK Spelling!) that you spend time with us simply enjoying the music.

You can listen to the Podcast from i-tunes, Podfeed or by clicking on the play button below:


This week, Doctor Groove is taking a break and Professor Smooth has produced an OLDIES SPECIAL and is riding the smooth train on his own! In addition, Thanks to the small but much appreciated contribution from Mrs Smooth and the two micro smoothies right at the end.

The Professor’s favourites for this show include:

Natural High from their CD ‘Pacific’ . This CD also has the track ‘Freeway’ which was featured in an earlier Season 2 podcast.

Pat Metheny Group from the Excellent CD, We live here – and you can read on http// This 1994 recording marks one of the closest collaborations with keyboard player Lyle Mays with nearly all the tracks being composed by Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays. The CD was released in 1995.

Chaka Khan – Eight Grammy award winner and one hell of a powerful voice. This great song is from Chaka’s sixth solo album released in 1984, which also included the title track ‘I Feel For You’.

George Duke from the classic 1979 album, A Brazilian Love Affair. As George says on, ‘A personal favourite… a labour of love’. George asked his record company, Epic to allow the band to visit Brazil and record an album with some of the great local musicians from the area. The result speaks for itself – a highly recommended album.

Paprika Soul – A wonderful ‘feel good’ track from Their 2002 CD, Into The Light. This appears to be their second album . We found no website for this band but listen to the show and we point to where you can find out more.

Fattburger, visit them at:
Excellent Smooth Jazz from this band who has been releasing CDs since 1986. This track comes from their 1998 CD entitled, Sugar.

Acoustic Alchemy. Another feelgood track taking Smooth Jazz straight to the heart, by a band at the heart of smooth jazz. Visit them at:

808 State, visit them at
A great Dancy instrumental from 1991. The band name is derived from the Roland TR-808 drum machine and the band members’ “state of mind”

Gladys Knight and the Pips. A great Soul number from 1977 and a pop hit on both sides of the Atlantic.
This track appears on the album, Still Together and was co-produced by Van Mcoy, remember the Hustle?

Greg Adams. A smooth instrumental gem by the trumpeter, arranger, composer and producer well known for his work with the band Tower of Power. Visit

Joyce Cooling. From the album, Keeping Cool released in 1999 visit
Also checkout her current album ‘Revolving Door’ and her support for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Temptations. Written by Motown songwriters Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong. This masterpiece of soul music has a large instrumental content. The use of orchestras in soul music has always been something I’ve really enjoyed.
Fan Website:
Otis Williams website:

Peter White. Ending the show with an artist who has been making excellent solo albums since the early nineties. This track from the cd ‘Promenade’ is a Smooth Jazz classic. Checkout

Thanks to the Doc for his brief voice message to the Professor played at the end.

Until next time – Take care – The Prof (this time…!)

PS The Doc has installed a link on the right hand side column of our site for you to get Smooth Groovers Gear – Helping us to keep the podcast alive!

4 thoughts on “Smooth Groovers Podcast – Season 2 – Episode 21 – Professor’s special edition

  1. Hi Professor Smooth with family!

    What a lovely lovely show! I don’t know if Mrs. Smooth had something to do with it or not but I belive this episode hits the feminine ear in particular. Great! And now I have to go on myspace and tell all about it:)

    Thank you and all the best

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