Smooth Groovers Podcast – S2:Ep25 – The SG Gig!

Welcome to another episode of the Smooth Groovers Licensed Review.

You can listen to the Podcast from i-tunes, Podfeed or by clicking on the play button below:


This week we feature a special episode, our 1st gig, recorded ‘live’ at the Brentford Watermans Art Centre, Brentford, London.
Featuring international artists:

Jua &
Spiral Circuit.

All proceeds for this event were presented to Dafur and The Bal Rasmi Childrens orphanage in India.

Thank you to all those who attended (many flew in especially!) and gave so generously.

As outlined on the podcast this was an idea conceived in Norway (Hilde), planned+ delivered in London (Doc & Prof), rehearsed virtually between Washington DC, USA (Jua) and Colchester, UK (Spiral Circuit), – facilitated by the Internet and supported by our listeners across the world.

We hope you enjoy this recording and feedback is as always most welcome.

Keep on Groovin’

Love from: The Doc & The Prof

One thought on “Smooth Groovers Podcast – S2:Ep25 – The SG Gig!

  1. Hey! No-one has made a comment yet, so lets start the funk flowing!!

    Thanks for the great experiance, be great to be invoved again in your event projects.

    Hope people are enjoying the Smooth Groovers live gig!!

    Spiral Circuit

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