Smooth Groovers Podcast – Season 3 – Episode 15

Welcome our latest exciting Season 3 Episode with a bit of a trek feel!

We’re almost half way through our current season!

Just a reminder, you can listen to the Podcast from i-tunes, Podfeed or by clicking on the play button below:


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This week’s Newies include:

Incognito from their brand new CD entitled: Tales from the Beach. Doc got his copy within a day of ordering from Amazon. So basically, why not get it now! We also feature the most recent release from: Rick Braun and Richard Elliot from their excellent CD – R’n’R.

In the Myspace review section we are proud to present:

IP Network – Plus, check out:

This is track is from the ‘I.P Network CD project’ and for the technical people among you no IP does not mean Internet Protocol but in this case the initials of Ingrid Pauline – Wenzel. A composer, arranger,producer and Keyboard player from the Netherlands for whom IP Network is a solo project featuring Guest Artists. Check out this awesome track called Job Hopper.

Da Wonda Twinz Ft. Redd Soul. – Wishin’

Keeping the Soul, Funk and Jazz Trek going, its ‘Redd alert’! Heres a great track produced by Markess and Miguel Wilder of DUB TP Productionz otherwise known as the Da Wonda Twinz and a track featuring Redd Soul called Wishin’. We found two myspace sites: and which presents the CD, ‘Press Play and Walk Away – The R&B Experience’. It is a gr8 album with each track presenting an independent artist with the excellent production of the Da Wonda Twinz DUB TP Productionz music. Checkout the samples on this page or you can also visit and order the CD from there. NB It is also available on CD baby, and iTunes. We also recommend that you checkout Redd Soul at and

Jiva – This Love

Many months ago the Doc and Professor attended a fabulous Isaac Hayes concert in London. At the end of the show we had the honour of meeting Rhonda Thomas. The Doc purchased her CD, and was lucky enough to have an interview with Rhonda. Back in Season 2 we played a gr8 song from her CD ‘Breath New Life’. Professor later learned on the Internet about a band she was in called Jiva. He located the band on myspace and got completely knocked out by their music. Thanks to Rhonda and Leon for sending us this the song. It is from their their 2007 CD entitled, ‘Day Into Night’. Please do check them out and enjoy 3 wonderful tracks.

This week’s Moments and Whatnots is for Karl.

The track requested is by Rob Mullins. He said that he first heard it on his 21st birthday ten years ago and Bought the CD as a birthday treat!.
Rob is a Keyboardist, composer, author, teacher, and world traveler. Please visit his website at: track comes from his 1997 CD of the same name which also includes a track called ‘planet Mullins’. Rob’s latest CD is entitled,’Storyteller’ and can be purchased from CD baby. Rob Mullins has worked with some great artists in the past, for example: Branford Marsalis, Kirk Whalum, Ronnie Laws, and the Crusaders.

This week’s Bring in Back section includes:

Les Nuits
Norman Brown
El Debarge and Art Porter
NB This latter track is from the 1997 compilation CD – A Twist of Jobim, A nice tribute to one of the most influential popular composers of the 20th century, and a major force behind the creation of the bossa nova style, Antonio Carlos Jobim or ‘Tom Jobim’ . You can find out more about him from Wikipedia. The CD contains versions of his songs by artists such as Al Jarreau, Oleta Adams, Dave Grusin and Herbie Hancock as well as R&B and soul singer El Debarge with the late gr8 saxophonist Art Porter.

We end the show with Isaac Hayes. The featured song goes as far back as 1953, from a musical called Kismet, and has been covered by many artists including Johnny Mathis and Englebert Humperdink among 27 entries found in Youtube.

Until next time we hope we can trek back to your ears with a Jazz Funk Special episode.
Best Regards & Thank you so much for your emails, messages and kind words of encouragement – It makes it worthwhile.

Dr Groove and Professor Smooth

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