Smooth Groovers Podcast – Season 3 – Episode 26

Welcome to another exciting Season 3 Episode

This week we start the show with The theme from Magnum PI.

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This week there are no newies. Instead, a something different segment. Ali a wonderful friend suggested a great CD. She suggested we check out: Late Night Tales featuring three artists selecting their favourite/influencing tracks. The artists that have chosen their selections are: Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim), Jamiroquai and Sly and Robbie. We feature two selected by Jamiroquai. Firstly, Ramsey Lewis followed by Johny Hammond.

This week’s Friend Section includes:

Harold ”Bill” Wren III – Lovers Rendezvous
He certainly has a new refreshing musical angle on smoothjazz. It says on his Myspace page that ‘..he composes exquisite melodies that flow in unbounded fashion from his heart to an ever-growing number of fans.’

Airborne with an awesome track from the new album called Winds of Change, from their 6th CD entitled, Smooth Sailing.

This Jazz / Latin / Nu-Jazz band described on myspace as ‘HIGH ENERGY CONTEMPORARY JAZZ & VOCALS’. They’re a multi-cultural group from New Haven Connecticut USA.; and further described as the ‘Musical Peacemakers of contemporary jazz whose music transfigures a spirit of love and compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters’. They are strong believers in unity, humanity, and improving our world. Please also check out their Myspace site.

Confection with a track called Stuck

The group features Juanita Tippins and Josh Beagley and their sleek sound comes from unique grooves and production of Josh , who desired to revisit the 12” sounds of the 80’s.

Please do let us know what you think about any music / artists that are new to you. Artists featured would love to have your feedback.

There is no Moments and Whatnot’s this week but in our Bring it Back Section we include:

Ronny Jordan – from the CD entitled The Quiet Revolution
Mark De Clive-Lowe
Patrice Rushen
Jimmy Ponder
We end the show with Dexter Wansel

We hope you enjoyed the show this week and always look forward to your correspondence, re: suggestions and feedback.
Until next time, Thanks for taking part in the New Media Revolution.

Dr Groove & Professor Smooth

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