Smooth Groovers Review – Season 4 – Episode 14

Welcome to the latest Episode of the Smooth Groovers Review.
Season 4, episode 14, hence: SG4-14.

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In the fresh batch

We begin the Fresh Batch section with an R&B artist, songwriter and producer whose music has R&B melodies with a classic sound and urban beats with a touch of jazz.
Please check out their video channel.

The Rippingtons featuring Russ Freeman
Yes, The Rippingtons are back with an album where every track is simply jaw dropping in nature! The current line up includes: Russ Freeman, Dace Karasony, Rico Belled, Bill Heller, Jeff Kashiwa. In addition, there is a great track on the CD entitled: Love Story with guest musician: Rick Braun.

Soul Sensation:
Seal from the CD Soul
We featured this new release from Seal a few months back but this track is simply amazing in so many ways. Originally performed by Al Green back in 1972.

New York City
This track is from 1973 which hit the top 20 in the UK and the United States,

This week’s Bring it Back segment incluides:

Modern Sound Corporation
Bradley Leighton from the CD Back to the Funk
I’m not normally big on flute as this track heavily features it. However, the ancillary supporting instruments really complement it.  From his website bio we read that: Bradley Leighton brings a unique and powerful sound to flute. His style of swing evolved from listening to the big, hi-octane bands of Kenton, Herman and Ferguson in the 60’s-70’s.
Lighthouse Family
Sammy Peralta
Cannon Ball Adderley and Joe Zawinul
and we end the show with:

The latter is a wonderful interpretation of the well known Freddie Hubbard tune taken from a 2003 album entitled,  ‘Fables Of Lost Time’

That’s it for this week’s show.
Until next time, enjoy  the fun!

Dr Groove & Professor Smooth

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