Smooth Groovers Review: S4:Ep19

Welcome to the latest Episode of the Smooth Groovers Review.
Season 4, episode 19, hence: SG4-19.

The Doc and The Prof are back from their hols and this show has them reunited for our regular format show’s.

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James Colah – Ocean Tide
We first featured James on season four episode 12. He has years of experience making music in bands, working with other artists and on projects in TV and Video. In this brand new piece of excellence he’s joined with the saxaphonic talents of Mike Parlett in this warm and wavy piece of musical breeze that brings you sunshine by a beautiful beach.

Rick Braun
Here is a track from Rick Braun’s latest CD entitled: All it Takes.
Before embarking on a solo career, Braun got his start by playing in several bands, including guitarist Jeff Golub’s Avenue Blue. He also collaborated with saxophonist Boney James on a remake of the Hugh Masekela’s “Grazin’ in the Grass.” In addition to his solo career, Braun also plays in the band BWB, with saxophonist Kirk Whalum and guitarist Norman Brown. In 2005, he and saxophonist Richard Elliot co-founded ARTizen Music Group.

Our Thanks to Jeff Lorber for giving us a fantastic Interview with him.
The featured track is from Jeff’s latest CD entitled,  ‘Heard that’.


Clare Teal
Some interesting information about this track. It was a popular song from the year 1968. The most known version of the song was recorded by The 5th Dimension, and was the first single released from their album of the same title. It was the most successful single from that album, reaching #3 on the U.S. Pop charts and #2 on the Billboard Black Songs chart. The song was also recorded by its composer, Laura Nyro, and released on her Eli and the Thirteenth Confession album in the same year.

When the song was introduced in the summer of 1968, it was known to be sung at ‘every street corner’. One mystery to many from the song was the meaning of the unknown verb surry. Some believe this refers to the noun surrey, meaning an old-time carriage. The verb ‘surry’ is spelled differently from the word ‘surrey’ likely because its meaning is meant to be different. In the case of the song lyric, ‘surry down’ is a term coined by its writer, Laura Nyro, to evoke a feeling of perhaps spiritedly sashaying or meandering over to where a picnic (of sorts) is transpiring. Call it creative license of a writer, one which Laura Nyro exercised regularly.

Four Tops
This track comes from a legendary group of superb singers who helped define the 60s Motown sound and gave us something like 4 decades of great songs.


Friends From Rio

A latin flavoured start to the bring it back section, This is OS ESCRAVOS DO JO or as google translated – slaves of jo from a band called ” Friends From Rio”.

Steve Cole from the CD True.
In a 2003 interview with JazzNation, Cole describes how he started his career: ‘I started playing pop music, R&B, be-bop, all that stuff, playing clubs in Chicago until 4 o’clock in the morning for many years. You know, just doing that kind of thing, then started doing some commercial music, radio and TV stuff. Then I started thinking about getting in to some other types of music. I met some great people here in Chicago, Brian Culbertson, a guy named Bob Mamet, an Atlantic Records recording artist, a while ago, and started getting on the road and playing as a side man for those guys and eventually was able to do it on my own.’

Boney James/Rick Braun – from the CD entitled Shake It Up

Returning to some more flavours of South America, and an an album from 2003 called ‘Back to Brazil’  a BAND led by super saxophonist and film music composer Klaus Doldinger.
Deodato – We complete season 4 episode 19 with gem from 1980, the title track of an album from 1980 from the Grammy Award winning Brazilian musician, record producer.

We hope you like our latest show.

Thanks for all the feedback, it is truly valued.

Best Regards from
The Doc and The Prof of Smooth!

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