EW&F – S4-25

Welcome to the latest Episode of the Smooth Groovers Review.
Season 4, episode 25, hence: SG4-25.

Welcome to a SPECIAL show, a funkumentary/Documentary.
This one is dedicated to Earth Wind and Fire.

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The show adheres to licence principles and brings you a view of how this band have been major contributors and innovators.
Their creative energies are so influential in that they continue to inspire us today.

Artists featured in this show include:

Kirk Franklin (Interpretations)
Mint Condition ( ” )
Music Soulchild ( ” )
Amerie (Touch)
DJ Bardua
Incognito (Bees + Things + Flowers)

The wonderful Earth Wind and Fire (Spirit, All-in-All, That’s the Way of the World, Gratitude) , including some interviews (Live in Rio and Rock Profiles)

We hope you like this show. This one presented by Doctor Groove.

We look forward to your feedback and love!


Dr Groove and Professor Smooth

2 thoughts on “EW&F – S4-25

  1. Hello you 2 ! I appreciate your show which is great !! I know it’s difficult to produce such great type of music (excuse me if I make mistakes in writting, I’m french ^^) so I pull you my hat and hope sincerely you’ll continue that way !!

    I have a questio concerning this episode: what is the remix you pass for “September” ? I don’t know who’s the rap singer who says the song is a tribute…Anyway, this version is just AMAZING !!

    1. Thanks for your email, its greatly appreciated.
      We love hearing from our listeners.
      Re: The September version, its by Kirk Franklin who is a great gospel artist.
      The video is really fun too as it shows Maurice White of EW&F in the studio just at the end.
      Great hearing from you.
      Thanks for your kind words and dedication to the show.
      Much Love
      Dr Groove

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