Smooth Groovers Show – Ep5-4

Welcome to Episode 5-4, i.e: Season 5 Episode 4 of the Smooth Groovers Review.

This week’s intro features the wonders of composer Jonathan Wolff, best known for creating the slap bass guitar and percussion music between scenes on the television series Seinfeld. Jonathan has also provided music for Who’s The Boss?, Perfect Strangers, Will & Grace, King of Queens, and Reba. The Doc is a big Seinfeld fan!

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Our thanks to Chris Standring for giving us permission to feature a track from this awesome CD from the amazing new CD entitled Blue Bolero, before its release date in early March 2010.

Pat Metheny from his new CD entitled Orchestrion

Renato Falaschi – BREEZIN
Through Facebook Renato and the Doc chatted through email the other week.
As you will know this is the famous GB track and some of you may know that Donny Osmond has also given us a great version of this classic.  From Renato’s MySpage we read: Born and raised in Bari, Italy, Renato Falaschi was inspired by music he was exposed to as a child, and began playing the piano “by ear “at a very early age. He began formal piano studies at the age of eight at Bari’s Niccolo Piccinni Conservatory of music and this he continued off and on into his teens, shifting to a focus on organ, guitar and arrangement for big band and composition of which he obtained his masters at the Jazz University in Terni. In 1990 he obtained a degree in classical piano at Enrico Duni’s conservatory of music in Matera (Ba).

The Saxtress, Pamela Williams with Blue Into Green
Check out her amazing video too:

This week we feature the love machine: Randy Brown

We include some great tracks for example:

  • Ramsey Lewis from the Tequila Mockingbird release.
  • Ive Mendes from her self-titled 2003 CD.
  • Bob Baldwin from the 2004 album entitled: Brazil Chill
  • Crosswalk by Jaared from his 2008 CD: Addiction
  • We conclude the show with Roy Ayers from his 1995 release entitled Nastey.

Thanks for all your fantastic feedback.
Until next time!

Love from Dr Groove & Master Move.

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