Smooth Groovers Show – Ep5-13

Welcome to Episode 5-13, i.e: Season 5 Episode 13 of the Smooth Groovers Review.

Hi & Welcome to Season 5 episode 13.
No football songs this time, sadly England are out of the world cup tournament , so now England reaching the 2010 final is a mission impossible, speaking of which,  the intro music is from a CD called “Music from Mission Impossible”,  composed , arranged and conducted by Lalo Schiffrin

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Joyce Cooling
Joyce is a great guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. Best known for her eclectic style and colourful body-moving sound. Funky, soulful and always original – as we’ve read from her website –  recognized as one of the most dynamic and popular contemporary jazz guitarists in the world.

Marc Antoine & Paul Brown
And here is one that is really catchy and pleasantly stays in your head after first or second listen. This is French guitarist Marc Antoine whos teamed up with guitarist Paul Brown.

Diane Birch and Daryl Hall
Diane is a really good up-and-coming singer – Check out her CDs on itunes.

Vusi Mahlasela
Available on the 2010 CD called Hello Africa. NB The original track was released in 1994 on an album entitled: When You Come Back


Barry White
Released back in 1973. You can get this track from the CD release: Barry White Soul Seduction


Jabu Khanyille
With the sport focus very much in South Africa lets have some African Music with an Artist who was born in Soweto, South Africa and was the lead singer with the band Bayete. Here’s a track from his 1999 CD , an album entitled, Prince.

Isley Brothers
Sad News from June 2010 about a member of one of our favourite bands – The Isley Brothers – about the passing of Marvin Isley, their bass player. We have a huge amount of their albums, this is a track from their 1976 album called “Go For Your Guns”.

The Jacksons
Hard to believe that MJ died a year ago on 25th June.
We’ll always remember his commitment to charities and his wonderful music.

Stevie Wonder
From the CD Characters – Released back in 1987, this release also featured the MJ collaboration – Get it. Another famous track was Skeletons. On 26th June 2010 the Doc attended the SW gig at Hyde Park. We recommend you listen to the show to here him talk about his telepathic experiences!!

Yes, it is hard to believe that this track was released over 30 years ago. In addition, it was featured on the Saturday Night Fever album, triggering a Disco Wave – No not music but a tide of good times!

That’s it for another show.
Much Love…

Dr Groove and Professor Smooth.

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