Smooth Groovers Show – Ep5-15

Welcome to Episode 5-15, i.e: Season 5 Episode 15 of the Smooth Groovers Review.

Hi & Welcome to Season 5 episode 15. This weeks intro is the famous TV series CHiPs – NB Just like the A-Team intro it was composed by Mike Post.

Now, on with show – Smooth Jazz, Funk, Soul, Chill, Disco…

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Alternatively, please press the play button below:

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DISCOVERY SEGMENT – featured items are:

ERIC DARIUS INTERVIEW – We are most grateful to Eric Darius for the recent fantastic interview he gave us.
Check out his new CD release entitled: On a Mission
SOULREVUE SEGMENT – This week we feature:
Donna Summer


Until next time, for the love of the music…

Dr Groove and Professor Smooth

8 thoughts on “Smooth Groovers Show – Ep5-15

  1. love the feature my new cd coming out of the rain is doing well in alsmile is one of the best recieved tracks all over thanks again.www.itoimanproductions.cpm

  2. thank you for getting my day started on a wonderful note. I wanted to get up and dance when I heard the Chips theme.

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