Smooth Groovers Show – Ep5-17

Welcome to Episode 5-17, i.e: Season 5 Episode 17 of the Smooth Groovers Review.

This week’s intro theme to the show is from the 1984 film “The Bounty” Based on the 1787 voyage to the Pacific island of Tahiti. The story of a ship called “The Bounty” and a mutiny that took place. Among the films stars were  Anthony Hopkins as Lieutenant William Bligh,  Mel Gibson as Master’s Mate Fletcher Christian,  Laurence Olivier and  Edward Fox. It is the fifth film  of the story, “Mutiny on the Bounty”.

Now, on with show – Smooth Jazz, Funk, Soul, Chill, Disco…

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  • Jeff Lorber Fusion from the CD Now is the time – Great to heat Jeff absolutely on-form and continuing to innovate.
  • Incognito from the CD Transatlantic RPM – This CD is simply amazing with every track a killer diller & some wonderful special guests.
  • FireFly Soul with Good Times from their awesome new CD entitled Taking time
  • Lazy Hammock with Pleasures All Mine  – Find out more from her website.

Features Lamont Dozier


  • Brothers Johnson from the LP Right On Time
  • Matt Bianco from the CD Matt’s Mood
  • Dinah Washington from 2009 release: Greatest Hits
  • Wilbert Longmire – from the LP (remember that fried egg on the cover?!) entitled: Sunny Side Up
  • Chico Hamilton – from the 1979 LP entitled Nomad – NB You can get the CD version from i-tunes.

Thanks for your patience this week in terms of the slight delay in the shows release.
We had a technical issue with Monday’s mix!
Anyway, our producer, the Professor resolved it today.

We really hope you enjoy the show.

Best Regards & Love
Dr Groove & Professor Smooth

One thought on “Smooth Groovers Show – Ep5-17

  1. Hi Guys,

    once again a sublime choice of music.
    Really appreciate the time you spend putting these together.
    I don’t know how you juggle families, work, friends and still find time for these podcasts!
    Hats off to you both.

    A few artists and or songs you may want to look further into.

    There is a Norwegan group called “D’sound”. Very souly/incognito-ish. Some great music
    Track highlights include “Green eyes” “Birthday” and “Today”. Check out iTunes.

    The latest Bobby McFerrin album contains a song called “Say Ladeo” – Wonderful track !!

    A group called “Cool Million”. The album is called “Back for More”. It’s got a great 80’s soul feel, even though they are brand new. Track highlights included “Making Love” and “Love the Beat” –

    You may already know about these…(probably!!). But if not, check them out.
    Keep up the great music guys.

    Josh from Denmark

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