Smooth Groovers Show – Ep5-18

Welcome to Episode 5-18, i.e: Season 5 Episode 18 of the Smooth Groovers Review.

This week’s intro theme to the show is from the famous TV series – The Prisoner. It was a a 17-episode British television series first broadcast in the UK from 29 September 1967 to 1 February 1968. Starring and co-created by Patrick McGoohan, it combined spy fiction with elements of science fiction and psychological drama.

The series follows a British former secret agent who is held prisoner in a mysterious seaside village where his captors try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job. Although sold as a thriller in the mould of McGoohan’s previous series, Danger Man, the show’s combination of 1960s counter-cultural themes and surreal setting had a far-reaching effect on science fiction/fantasy programming, and on popular culture in general.

BTW The theme was composed by Ron Grainer

Now, on with show – Smooth Jazz, Funk, Soul, Chill, Disco…

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Incognito – from their latest CD TransAtlantic RPM  – As well as one of the members of the English acid jazz movement. Interestingly, their debut album, Jazz Funk, was released in 1981, with thirteen more albums following. We featured a track last week and there is so much more that you’ll enjoy when you hopefully will buy it!

Jeff Lorber – from his latest CD Now is the Time – We played a track from Jeff’s album last week. Again, another CD with a great set of quality sounds

Jaared from his latest CD entitled: Manhattan Nights. I’ve been dying to play this track for a few weeks now. I know that another podcast –  The Digital Guy has been playing various tracks. Anyway, I had a chance to meet Jaared and I have to say what a charming, cool and nice guy. Always giving time to his fans and we shared a great conversation about Internet channels. I strongly recommend the album. He has a new single out at the moment and also please check out his version of How deep is your love – really great

FireFly Soul with Aysha – Fallen Angel – From the CD On the Edge and Beyond by FireFlySoul – Its one of those CDs that gets better on every listen. Be sure to get it and be continuously chilled!!

This week’s SOULREVUE Segment features:

Phyllis Hyman – She has a great voice and this song is great to. Other songs you might remember or should check out include “Under Your Spell”,  “”Betcha by Golly Wow” with Norman Connors, the old Stylistics classic and the Song “You Know How To Love Me”. Unfortunately, Phyllis is no longer with us,  you can read more on the internet from places like and Wikipedia.


Kool And The Gang – We follow our soul revue with the first track from our rediscovered section with a Grammy winning multi-platinum selling group who found a special sound at the unique intersection of jazz, r&b, funk and pop’ As we read on their website: They made their first record in 1969 when they were in their teens and have sold over 90 million records worldwide in a career that spans 5 decades. This beautiful chilled out masterpiece is the title track from their  sixth album released in 1973

Marcss Valle (pr vail) – This track appeared on an album from the late nineties called Nova Bossa Nova.

The Fat Back Band – Here’s a blast from the past. Released all the way back in 1975. The band is still currently touring and actively recording new material. Upcoming shows are slated to include such dynamic acts as George Clinton, Maceo Parker, and the Ethan “Fat Powder” Page. Find out more about the band at:

Working Week – The British jazz-dance group was  formed in 1983 by guitarist Simon Booth and saxophonist Larry Stabbins, this is their debut single that translates to mean ‘We Will Win’.

Finally, we close the show with:

Hudson People – Its some British Jazz-Funk from the Brit-Funk Era  on a 12″ single, probably in the loft of many householders who collected great Jazz-Funk records at the time.

Well keep on enjoying the sounds and your life

All The Best

The Doc and The Prof

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