Beyond the Groove – Episode 16

Welcome to the latest Beyond the Groove hosted by Dr Groove, brought to you to chill and relax…

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In this episode we feature:

  • Sergio Mendes from 2010 CD Bom Tempo
  • Seal from the 2010 CD Commitment
  • Jamiroquai from the 2010 CD Rock Dust Light Star
  • Jeff Golub from the 2005 CD Temptation
  • The Sax Pack from the 2008 CD The Sax Pack
  • José González available from the 2006 CD The Ministry of Sound, The Chillout Session (Disc 1) and we close the show with
  • Kirk Whalum from the 2000 CD Unconditional

We really hope you enjoyed this chill out / relaxation show.
For the Love of the Music…

All the Best

Dr Groove

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