Smooth Groovers Show – S6-4

Welcome to Episode 6-4, i.e: Season 6 Episode 4 of the Smooth Groovers Review.

Back to the usual Season 6 format after the Valentine’s special and continuing to start the shows with a memory jogger from the world of films & TV. This time remembering the great film scores of the late John Barry, who’s passing we learned just after the release of ep 6-2 which featured his excellent theme to Born Free. This time its “The Ipcress File” , a 1965 film that starred Michael Caine as Harry Palmer assigned to investgate the kidnapping and brainwashing of British scientists. This version comes from the 1976 Double Vynil album , “The Music Of John Barry”

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This week:

THE FRESH VIBE segment features:

Nu Shooz Orchestra – Formerly “Nu Shooz” remember the 1986 hit “I can’t Wait” ?.  They are back as the Nu Shooz Orchestra, Jazzier, and with a fresh album called “Pandora’s Box” which you must check out.

Earl Klugh – I read tributes that includes the words “Wizard”,  “Impeccable Technique” and
“ Guitar Wizard” If you don’t have his music already, get the triple album package I discovered late February on CD Universe, New for March 2011 :
Dream Come True/Crazy For You/Low Ride.

Marga Sol – From the album, Marga Sol’s Nightchill. Imagine a nice sunny spring day, eating al fresco with some delicious food, a glass of wine and view of the Eiffel Ttower.  Yes you’re relaxing in Paris and this is just the right tune to keep you chilled.

The PICK and MIX SEGMENT features:  a “Disco Diversion “

El Coco – One of the many projects by cult disco favorites W. Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder who produced, arranged, wrote, and played all the instruments on the vast majority of their music.

Last but not least, the REVISITED SEGMENT features:

Louis Armstrong – The legendary Jazz Trumpeter and Singer and the music of film scorist John Barry, the track appeared in the film – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Roberto Perera –  A multi instrumentalist who plays a 36-string  Paraguayan harp and incorporates the influences of Latin, Pop, Jazz, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music and this is one of the Prof’s favourites.

Christophe Goze – Originally from France, moved to Japan in 1989, to London in 1997 and is an established world fusion and ambient jazz musician with 8 albums released and tracks on over 300 compilations that have sold over 2 million copies. We’ll have something new from him in the next show.

Koop –  Great music from Sweden, often producing songs with an inspiring and uplifting effect.

Special EFX – A ton of gr8 tunes over the years. The track is from their 2001 CD called ‘Butterfly’. We close the show with:

Marco Di Marco A nice up-tempo way to complete the show by an Italian pianist and composer who’s career spans 40 years , This Nicola Conte remix comes from a CD called Jazz Vibes Lounge.

Until next time, thanks for taking part in the Podcast revolution and all

The Very Best – Professor Smooth- “Prof” and Dr Groove- “Doc”

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