Beyond The Groove – Ep 24 – Chill

Welcome to the latest Beyond the Groove brought to you to chill and relax…

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As previously mentioned, this edition of Beyond the Groove is hosted by Professor Smooth, and will definately give you a chance to Chillout and relax and take away some of your stress, calm you down and bring a piece of peace into your lives. We suggest that you find a quiet place to listen and enjoy the music of:

  • Tony Remy – A highly sought after session and performing blues and jazz guitarist from his 1993 debut album called “Boof”.
  • Pat Metheny Group – From their awesome 1984 CD “First Circle”,
  • Vangelis –   A track fom the CD of music from the film, Bladerunner  by the Grammy winning composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, pop rock and orchestral music. The vocals were by Welsh folk singer best known for her 1968 UK number one single “Those Were The Days”, Mary Hopkin.
  • Enya – Coincidently also an artist chosen by the Doc on recent shows,  if you’re New to Enya’s music, why not try the recently released CD & DVD package called “The Very Best Of Enya”
  • Hiroshima – An awesome track from their 1979 debut self titled album. Prof loves the sound of the traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument the koto.
  • Torcuato Mariano – who is from Rio De Janeiro , Brazil, this track is from his excellent 1995 CD called “Last Look”,
  • Ronnie Jordan – and  just one more chillout piece of smoothness to complete your unwind session for this month. British Jazz Guitarist, Grammy Nominee and The MOBO Best Jazz Act Award  winner  from the 1992 album called The Antidote.

Please do visit the atrist’s websites and sample their music, usually there are links to purchase  or find their music in the usual popular amazing iPlaces.  Feel free to give feedback via Facebook,  or the comments section via the show notes on

All The very Best From the “Prof”   and the  “Doc”.