Smooth Groovers Show – S6-8

Welcome to Episode 6-8, i.e: Season 6 Episode 8 of the Smooth Groovers Review.

We introduce the show wit a blast from the past – a familiar (to UK viewers of the seventies) TV comedy theme written by Johnny Hawksworth  which you can get from iTunes. Now on with the music!

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This week:

THE FRESH VIBE segment features:

In the Fresh Vibe section:

The Movement Fam featuring Notion,  band who sold practically everything they owned last year and moved themselves from Melbourne to Toronto in search of the dream of sharing their “Soul Hop” music with the world. Checkout their interview with

Incognito The Group of The Year 2010 Readers’ Choice Award winner-with rap artist Lucky I Am with an awesome track from their 14th studio album album “Transatlantic RPM”

The Greyboy Allstars with a track from their CD What Happened to Television.

The Rippingtons
from their latest CD  Côte d’Azur (feat. Russ Freeman)

This time a soul sensation by Seal, a version of a song originally sung by Denise Williams back in 1976.

In the REVISTED SEGMENT we feature:
Joe Sample – The legendary pianist, keyboard player, composer and a founder of the Jazz Crusaders, later called The Crusaders ,from the 1997 album called “Sample This”

Bill Evans with Bruce Hornsby from a CD called Push.

Firefly Soul from the CD On the Edge and Beyond. Lenny Sharman the lead singer and producer of Firefly Soul recently informed Dr Groove of the new website

Morrissey Mullen Band – Tenor and soprano saxaphone and flute player , Dick Morrissey , and guitarist Jim Mullen from the 1981 Album “Badness” and we close the show with:

Johnny Hates Jazz –  finishing  Season Six episode 8 with a getup ‘n go instrumental with beat to burn those calories and get you ready and fit for the summer (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere!)

Thanks for tuning in and all your wonderful messages of support for the Smooth Groovers Mission!


Dr Groove and Master Move

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