Smooth Groovers Show – SG 7-5

Welcome to another exciting show.
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This week:

We welcome the return of an old Friend!

Yes, welcome to Season 7 episode 5 and finally Doctor Groove and Professor Smooth are on the same show after many months. The Prof has been extremely work busy, working 7days & night and the good news is that he finally find time in the studio this week!

In our intro we remember & remind ourselves of an old TV show about a group of investigators who solve strange crimes – Department S. Or maybe it should be called for today’s episode Department SG.

This week THE FRESH VIBE segment features:

James Colah Project 
A recent single release  and do watch out for a new album in the coming months.

Renato Falaschi
Pianist, Producer, Arranger & Composer

Fil A Fil
An interesting  “imaginative”  :))  cover of an 1982  pop hit. From a compilation album that features Bossa Nova Influenced cover versions of Disco songs.

Jeff Lorber Fusion
A track from their latest CD entitled Galaxy


Title Track of their 1981 Debut Album.


Bebel Gilberto
A mellow tune from an artist whos music has been featured on film soundtracks, and TV shows

Lalah Hathaway
From the CD Interpretations, Celebrating the music of EW&F    

George Duke
A track that originally appeared on the awesome 1979 album “”A Brazillian Live Affair”” which appears on a CD called Jazz Moods ‘Round Midnight .

Matt Marshak
From the CD Urban Folktales

Roy Ayers
Vibraphonist with over four decades in music .

Ella Fitzgerald
A rendition of the well known Beatles Track from the album First Lady of Song.

We hope you enjoy the show and many Thanks for all your correspondance (Tweets & FB), love and support.

Dr Groove & Prof Smooth

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