Smooth Groovers Show – S5-24

Welcome to Episode 5-24, i.e: Season 5 Episode 24 of the Smooth Groovers Review.

This week’s intro theme is based on the mid 90s show, Due South. Set in Chicago, the show follows the adventures of Constable Benton Fraser (Paul Gross), a Mountie of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who is attached to the Canadian consulate, but works with Detective Raymond Vecchio of the Chicago Police Department to solve crimes, assisted by Fraser’s companion Diefenbaker, a deaf white wolfdog.

The show’s distinctive theme was written and composed by Jay Semko of the rock band The Northern Pikes (who recorded a version of the song with lyrics, played during the shows closing credits) working with Jack Lenz and John McCarthy, and bears a resemblance to the cascading chorus interlude from Deep Blue Something’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Now, on with show – Smooth Jazz, Funk, Soul, Chill, Salsa, Disco…

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Michael Jackson with Akon from the late Michael Jackson’s new CD entitled, Michael.
Cindy Bradly from the CD Bloom
Jaared from his latest CD Manhattan Nights
Paul Taylor from his most recent release entitled, Burnin

SOUL REVUE features

Marvin Gaye
So far, three movies are currently being planned on Marvin’s life. One movie, Sexual Healing, is based on the post-Motown career of Marvin Gaye’s later years with Jesse L. Martin playing Marvin and James Gandolfini playing Marvin’s Belgium-based mentor, concert promoter Freddy Cousaert. Another film, simply titled, Marvin, is also in plans for production with F. Gary Gray in helm to direct the film. This film, unlike Sexual Healing, will focus on Marvin’s entire life story because unlike Sexual Healing, the second film was allowed rights to Marvin’s Motown catalog. Musicians Common and Usher and actor Will Smith have either been rumored to or have aspired to play the singer possibly in the second film. A third film on Gaye is reportedly being produced by Motown with its direction guided by director Cameron Crowe


  • Deodato
  • Patrice Rushen
  • Tee Mac
  • Rinder & Lewis and we close the show with
  • Kasso

Well that is it for this time around.
That’s it for Season 5. Have a gr8 Xmas and Festive Celebration for your respective faiths.

Much love

Dr Groove and Professor Smooth.

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