Beyond The Groove – Ep56 – Chill

Welcome to the latest Beyond the Groove brought to you to chill and relax…
This week a Chill special from The Prof

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So we start With track from a CD called EMBRYA This is MAXWELL …..
The album EMBRYA became a platinum seller by 1999. Please visit Maxwell on

Next an artists who departed far too early, with an a 1972 song from the soundtrack album “Superfly” – the legendary Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Mayfield  singer, songwriter,  record producer and regarded as a pioneer of funk music and of politically conscious African-American music. Also a multi-instrumentalist who played the guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, and drums. And a winner of both the Grammy Legend Award  and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award also a double inductee into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, firstly as member of The Impressions later as a solo artist. More to read on Wikipedia, especially about introducing social consciousness into  music and writing songs protesting social and political inequality. Also his work on Movie soundtracks.

And we move on to a UK pop chart hit in the mid 90s, a nice “things will get better” song, if you check out the lyrics. Keyboard player Paul Tucker and singer Tunde Baiyewu formed “THE LIGHTHOSE FAMILY” in 1993 as University stutents who also worked at the same bar. The song is the title track from their 1995 debut album Ocean Drive which sold more than 1.8 million copies in the UK alone.

Next a group that has been together for nearly 25 years as I see from their webpage. Though The band name Acoustic Alchemy dates back to 1981. One of my favourite bands Acoustic Alchemy , find them on
The track appears on their breakthrough debut album from 1987 called Red Dust And Spanish Lace.

And from their Website…
“For a lot of people, instrumental music is just a sound that plays in the background,” says Greg Carmichael. “But we put a lot into it – not just with this record but with every record we’ve ever made. I’d like to think that after all these years, we’ve learned how to take people on a journey. A lot of our fans have said that we do that for them. As long as they keep coming back, and as long as they want to stay on that journey, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.”

Yes please do …Read that recently and it probably relates to a more recent realease.  Their website also shows some of their upcoming tour dates this spring 2014, if you catch this podcast early enough.

And now to a jazz pianist, composer, and educator. If you look at the discography listing on the wikipedia page you”ll see a ton of recordings from 1955 to 2013.   This is Ahmad Jamal.  from his 1980 Album, Night Song.

Looking on his website  his earliest work appears in 1951, looks like well over 60 years in music! And his worldwide performances continue, having spotted dates in his 2014 schedule in Europe , South America, India and the United States!

Now to one of my an alltime favourite tracks this is an artist whose musical journey spans nearly four decades from the time he first arrived on the San Francisco Bay Area music scene of the early ‘70s, .. reading the website of trumpeter and arranger, Greg Adams
The track appears on his 1995  album, his first as a solo artist, Hidden Agenda , which reached #1 on the U.S. smooth jazz charts. . and that follows 25 years with the band Tower of Power.

And Gently moving towards the end of Beyond The Groove episode 56,  our seventh and final track is from 1997 and appears on an album called “Soundtracks For Living” by The Gentle People…..

The Gentle people, discover them at, and also see their youtube videos.

Well thats it, for Beyond The Groove Epsiode 56 ,  A chill edition, as we gently fade out , dont forget, beyond the groove 30-Funk, and The Smooth groovers show, currently in season 9 – yes its 9th year.  Find us at where you’ll find the show notes, links to the streaming radio station, info about the smartphone apps, and all the downloadable episodes , we’re also on twitter and facebook.  See you next Time !

Prof Smooth

PS Here is a wonderful vid featuring Curtis Mayfield in concert and amazing interview…

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